PF Philippines: St Paul Bible School Graduation (Verbuhay)

Alberione Hall, Makati — More than fifty  pastoral leaders, parish workers and bible animators received their Certificates of Attendance and Appreciation  in the first-ever graduation rite (even if the Bible Animation Program of Verbuhay Magasin has been going on for three years), for completing  the Saint Paul Bible School Basic Bible Seminar (Level 1) last October 13 to December 1, 2012.

The Basic Bible Seminar which covered basic information on the geography and history of and on the contents of the books  from Genesis to Revelation, was conducted by Bro. Hansel B. Mapayo, SSP, Ms. Arche Ligo, MA, Fr. Gil Alinsangan, SSP and Fr. Renato Repole, SJ at St Pauls Apostolic Center.

The next Bible Course offering is slated  next  March 2013, and covers:  Four  books in the Old Testament and the Gospels in the New Testament. Meanwhile, Verbuhay Magasin continues to conduct  Lectio Divina sessions in the surrounding parishes and a Continuing –Bible Study, free of charge,  every Friday at the St. Pauls Apostolic Center.

Verbuhay is a biblio-catechetical guide for the lovers of the Word of God published by the Society of St Paul. It focuses on the Readings of the Sunday Celebration. Each text focuses on the theme and so features commentaries and reflections. After one shall have studied the two Scriptural readings and the Gospel, one is guided on how to develop a homily or reflection for the Celebration of the Euist of the Biblical Prayer Meeting of the Week. Each issue covers more or less 12 to 13 Sundays.