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How many lives are extinguished after having lived in vain! How many works are empty! Remember what Jesus said of St. John: “He was a lamp alight and shining”. First, be ardent in order to enlighten (APD47, 284).

Don Giacomo Alberione

The Lord guides him in a new and multifaceted undertaking: to preach the Gospel to all peoples, with the fastest and most effective means, in the spirit of the Apostle Paul. For this he will found an entire family that shall live and work in such a way as to be “St. Paul alive today”

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Called to Eternal Life

PDDM Canada: Sr. M. Immaculée Fournier

Nazione di nascita: Canada
+ 16/06/2022 York

FSP Brasile: Sr M. Ida Cappellari

Nazione di nascita: Brasile
+ 13/06/2022 São Paulo

PDDM Italia: Sr. M. Domizia Vignoli

Nazione di nascita: Italia
+ 10/06/2022 Ariccia

PDDM Italia: Sr. M. Palmira Santalucia

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+ 07/06/2022 Roma